Upcoming Barrel Races

*Jan 20-21 Llano

*Feb 24-25 Stephenville

*March 17-18 Llano

*April 21-22 Hamilton (Bottom Arena)

*May 19 Rose Palace Boerne

*June 16 Stephenville

*July 27-29 8th Annual Summer Splash Hamilton*

*Sept 8-9 Llano

*Oct 13-14 FINALS Llano


The 2017 Rule book is in review.  Will basically be the same as 2016 below.


CT Barrel Racing Inc.

PO Box 691213   Killeen TX 76549




CT Barrel Racing Inc., also known as CTBRA, is a non-profit association organized exclusively to provide venues for barrel racers and pole benders of all ages and skill levels, the opportunity to compete for monetary and non-monetary awards. There are no memberships and Nominations are optional.


Nominations and Points:

One-time $40 nomination fee per horse/rider combination, per class, is required for points to accumulate for year-end awards. One substitution will be allowed during the season to replace the originally nominated horse (if hurt, upon death or sold) and retain points with a substitution fee of $40. Originally nominated horse may not return for the remainder of the season. Only one rider may be nominated on a horse per class. Violation of nomination rules may result in disqualification from the class and loss of all points for anyone involved.


Each Class will have a 10-point system. If there are not 10 riders in a class then points will be awarded by the number of riders in that class. All points will drop to the next Nominated Horse/Rider Combination. Point Standings will be posted on the website, www.ctbra.ebarrelracing.com.


Class Description:

5D Open Barrels

Open to any horse and rider. Open Payout will be paid on one-half second splits with equal pay out per D.

3D Poles

Open to any horse and rider. Poles will be paid on one-second splits with equal pay out per D.

4D Youth Division Age 16 & Under Barrels

Open to any horse and rider in which the rider qualifies by age. Age is determined as of January 1, 2016.

A birth certificate may be required. Paid on half-second splits with equal pay out per D.

Youth entries may also pay the Open entry fee and roll their time to the Open.

10 & Under Youth Novice Rider Barrels

Open to any horse and rider that qualifies by age. Age is determined as of January 1, 2016. Rider may not have won over $300 as of January 1, 2016. Any rider competing or nominating in this class may not compete or nominate in any other barrel class. Payout is based on a straight race format. Pattern may be set smaller and lead-line assistance is allowed. Part of entry fee will be held out for year-end awards.

40+ Incentive 3D Barrels

Rider must be 40 years of age or older. Age is determined as of January 1, 2016. It is 3D with one-half second splits and equal payout. Must be entered in the Open in order to roll your time to the 40+ Incentive.


Year-end Awards & Finals:

* To be eligible for any year-end cash and/or prize awards you must be a participant in good standing with a paid nomination per horse/rider combination, per class. Total Points accumulated through the year will determine the year-end winners in all classes.

* You must participate in at least one class on Sunday of the finals in order to claim your year-end awards/prizes/cash.  Dress Code is required on Sunday of the finals but encouraged for both days. Long Sleeved western shirt, boots and hat. There will be a $10 fine for violation of dress code on Sunday.

* The Finals is open to any rider and horse, not just nominated rider/horse combinations. To qualify for any Nominated Side Pots, you may pay a 2016 Nomination Fee per horse and participate in any such side pots.

* All ties for year-end placement will be determined by the flip of a coin.


Season Schedule and Race Day Format:

The posted website schedule may be changed due to inclement weather, arena/contract availability or safety

concerns. Sufficient notification of any changes or cancellations will be issued through the CTBRA website

and social media, should the need arise.

Race day format

8:30 AM………………………………….. Books open

9:00 AM.………………………………..40 Slack Barrel Runs  (OPEN / YOUTH RUNNERS)

Immediately following Slack…………..10 & Under Youth Novice (will not start before 9:30)

10:30………………………………………………..Barrel Exhibitions

12:30…………………………..…….….Prep Ground

1:00pm…………………………..……..5D Open Starts (all 4D Youth Runners included)

Pole exhibitions will immediately follow barrel race.

Poles will be run immediately after pole exhibitions.

On-Stakes barrel exhibitions after poles on Saturdays Only!


Entry Fees and Payoffs:

Exhibitions………………………………………. $5.00

3D Open Poles…………………………………. $25.00

5D Open Barrels……………………………….. $40.00

4D Youth 16 & Under………………………. $20.00

10 & Under Youth Novice………….…..$20.00 ($5.00 held out for year end awards)

40+ Incentive……………………….….. $20.00

Office Charge………………..……….…$10 per person per day  (WAIVED for the Novice Rider class)


* The Payout percentage is 75% in each class. Added money will be paid out at 100%. All Classes with a D format are equal pay out. If no one places in a D, the money will be split between the other D’s. The number of entries will determine the number of places paid in each class.

* All check recipients must complete or have on file a W-9 form with the office.

* Payout will be by check at the end of the race. Unclaimed checks will be mailed within 7 days, providing the payee has a completed W-9 on file with the office. Checks are VOID after 90 days.  


Entry Process:

Participants have the option to pre-enter (with payment) or to enter on-site with no late fees at all races, except the Annual Summer Splash. Pre-entries are accepted on-line and also by mail. All pre-entries require advance payment. The pre-draw for classes and exhibitions will be posted on our website the Friday before the race. Every rider, including exhibitions, must complete an entry form (either ON-LINE, or PAPER Entry). Minor competitors must have the release signed by a parent / guardian.

Entries and/ or exhibitions will not be accepted via text, email, or phone call.

* ON-LINE PRE-ENTRY:  Pre-entries are available on-line using EQUIVENT. The link for on-line entries can be found on our website, www.ctbra.ebarrelracing.com or at www.ebarrelracing.com web site. On-line entries will open 2 weeks before the race and will close WEDNESDAY, at MIDNIGHT, the week of the race.

*  MAIL-IN ENTRY:  Entry forms are available on our Website, www.ctbra.ebarrelracing.com. Completed entry form and payment must be received by WEDNESDAY of race week. Please allow sufficient mail time for your entry to be received. Mail in entries accepted up to 30 days in advance. Mail your completed entry form with payment by check or money order payable to CTBRA, PO Box 691213, Killeen TX 76549.

*  ON-SITE ENTRY:  Entry forms are available on-site. Entries are accepted up until the final 25-barrel runners for Barrels. Pole entries must be paid before the first runner in the POLES Class. On-site entries will receive the “next available” draw number. The office will make effort accommodate riders with multiple horses. Entry forms will not be accepted without full payment. (No IOU’s). Payment can be by check, cash, or credit card. Credit card payments will incur a 4% convenience fee. Credit card fees are non-refundable.


Draw – outs / Refunds:  



(For refund purpose only – “Slack” is it’s own class.)

* EXHIBITIONS – No refunds on barrel exhibitions once they have started for the day.

(No Refunds for missed exhibitions.)   Please be ready!

*  Convenience fees are non-refundable.

*  Office Charges are not refunded for draw-out requests received after 8:00 Pm the Tuesday before the race.



To draw-out prior to 8:00 PM the Tuesday before the race:

* If you have pre-entered (by mail) and need to draw out before the race, please email or text to ctbra@ctbra.org. 100%  will be refunded by check within 5 days.

* If you have pre-entered on line and need to draw out before the race, contact Equivent at 817-202-7442 or entries@ebarrelracing.com, before

midnight the Wednesday before the race. After that deadline, please email or  text to ctbra@ctbra.org.


To draw-out after 8:00 PM the Tuesday before the race but before the class you are drawing out of begins (for this purpose slack is it’s own class), use one of these options (preference by order):

1. Complete a draw out request form in office at race if you are on site.

2. Email ctbra@ctbra.org. Please provide horse/rider, class and day you are drawing out. (One rider per email)

3. Text ctbra@ctbra.org (Yes this works). Please provide horse/rider, class and day you are drawing out. (One rider per text)


Arena – Ground Rules: 


* Exhibitions have a 60 second time limit. Please be ready when your name is called or you may lose your spot.

* An electric eye will be used at all barrel races.

* We will drag after a maximum of 5 runners. We will use the “fair ground draw”. A big drag, with barrels removed, will be done a maximum of every 54 runners (after the first 50 + fair drag number).

* A contestant will receive a no time for lack of forward motion, a broken pattern or a knocked down barrel or pole. Forward motion begins once rider enters arena from the alleyway.

* Running out of order will result in a no time. It is the rider’s responsibility to know when to run in the drag. The only exception would be if there was an administrative error.

* During a race the runner’s name will be called three times only. A runner failing to enter the arena to begin or show attempt to begin will be scratched and given a no time.

* When competing, you cannot go back and redo any part of the pattern that has been completed.

* In the event that a barrel is off the stake or the electric eye fails for any reason, the runner will be given the option of a rerun and will be given a drag before they run. Entry fee, minus any office charges will be refunded if they choose not to rerun.

* CTBRA has NO tolerance concerning inhumane treatment of any animal or inappropriate behavior of any manner anywhere on the grounds.




* CTBRA will not cash checks, including but not limited to personal or jackpot winning checks.

* The Directors specifically retain the responsibility and authority to make final determination on any and all other situations, including rule interpretations, management of shows, financial responsibility, custody of equipment, and any other items not specifically set forth above.


* For more information about reservations of RV spots or stalls:

Contact for Hamilton: Circle T Arena 4007 West HWY 36, Hamilton, TX 76531 (254-386-3559)

Contact for Llano: Ray Craig Llano Events Center 2200 Ranch Road 152 Llano, Texas 78643 (325-248-5937)

Contact for McGregor: Shirley CTYRA Arena 1700 Bluebonnet Pkwy, McGregor, TX 76657 (254-214-1996)



Email questions to:


Contact Phone:

254-702-4022 (Becky)



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